We Style U

If you are looking for a personal shopper in Barcelona to help you with your wardrobe or you are going to assist to an event and do not know what to wear, don’t look any further WE STYLE U is the perfect place to help you. At WE STYLE U each client fills out a questionnaire so that we can first analyze your personality, lifestyle and ambitions. We then help you to develop an original and enhanced style based on who you are. Results will be amazing!!

If you are visiting Barcelona and don´t want to wander around shops without result, we will develop a shop tour for you, focusing on the shops that will perfectly match your style, so you will not lose precious time of your vacation or business trip.

In WE STYLE U we mix and match name brand designs with inexpensive, quality made cloth. Most prominent celebrity fashion icons wear designer clothing with basic affordable items!

If you have some questions about our services, mail us and we will answer you immediately giving you all information needed.


Why did I decide to dedicate a part of my life to being a personal shopper? 

My name is Ines and I have quite simply always just loved it. Ines

I really enjoy looking for that ideal accessory or finding the perfect dress for a party! Even that perfect outfit for your first job interview knowing how first impression last and how important it is to look and feel smart and comfortable.

I enjoy talking to my clients and getting to know them in order to help them find the perfect outfit.

One part I particularly like is spending time with brides as we jointly search for the perfect dress for their wedding. All brides love to have the perfect one, the dress everybody will remember after the wedding but brides also want to feel comfortable and sexy,  naturally!  Some of them know exactly what they want and some are very lost. Helping them and sharing their happiness, nerves and story makes me feel that I done my bit in preparation for the big day!!

I love to share some of the stories of my clients and to talk about shops in my beautiful town Barcelona. In Barcelona you can find big internationally known brands but also small designers with amazing creations which are very much worth sharing!!