I could also not wait the see the fashion show of Rosa Clara. This year it was totally inspired in New York, all dresses are a tribute to actresses from all periods starting in the 50’s, this means elegance , until one of my favourite series “Sex in the City”, those ones were sexy and sophisticated. As usual she is  using the finest fabrics and presenting a exquisite collection, which could adapt to any style you could desire. Big gowns for classic ceremonies, soft dresses for romantic brides, or short dresses for a civil ceremony…. tulles, laces, silks …Those are some of my favourites….but it was very difficult to choose…!!!



I did not thought I would arrive on time to the fashion show of Jordi Dalmau, as I had a customer over. However luckily there was a bit of delay with all fashion shows and it was just about to start. That was one show I did not want to miss, as Jordi Dalmau collection was quivering..!!! All show was full of energy!! Brides with colorful dresses, big tulle gowns for the ceremony, a bit baroque, with rich fabrics, presenting details but also with daring necklines….!! Dresses which transform into sexy, stunning short dresses for the dancing. The skirts are attached to the bodice, and by a simple movement you can take of the skirt and have a comfortable astonishing short dress for the dancing…!!!