Last friday I met Eugenia again. She came back to pick up her stunning dress from Jesus Peiro, and we met to have a drink. I was really happy to see her again! Eugenia lives in Ireland but she was not enthusiastic with the dresses she could find there, she was looking for more choices, that’s why she decided to come to Barcelona.


In our first mails, we exchanged impressions about the kind of wedding dress she was looking for, how  the ceremony  is going to be and where is going to take place. I sent her several options and so did she with the styles she liked. Finally I made appointments at Pronovias, Balart Nuvies, Jesus Peiro and Saint Patrick.

Eugenia has a very nice figure, she runs marathons and she is very fit, a strapless dress was the perfect option for her, a simple and elegant dress.eugeniaeugenia2eugenia3

She tried several dresses, however non of them made us feel, that “this is the one” until she tried one dress at Jesus Peiro. I love the feeling of looking at a bride and thinking…. YES ! THAT’S THE DRESS!! This dress of satin had everything and she wanted, strapless, slightly fitted with a bit of train. As her wedding will be in Argentina in October she chose also a short jacked to cover her shoulders. Absolutely stunning!